This project was started by Christine Keller (she/her) and joined by Riley Young for people with periods. We are based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

We are frustrated by commercial, plastic-laden, mainstream period products and want to educate about healthier alternatives. The solutions for period care do not need to be bought, but can be made inexpensively by sewing reusable pads ourselves. We will encourage people to rethink their period management and consider starting their own sewing groups to make pads for their local communities.

When we started this project it soon became obvious that washable pads are also a good solution for bladder weakness. Getting together provides a good platform for talking about periods and leakage in a safe place and allows us to work toward the removal of stigma which has been taught to people with periods for generations. We will organize activities that get people talking about healthier periods and bladder care to normalize communicating the problems and solutions of this everyday activity.

We will also aim to provide workshops for local teachers and community leaders to spread the information broadly. We will produce resources resources online at no cost to anyone to work actively against period poverty. We will accept donations on a pay what feels right basis from anyone who wants to support us or who benefits from our project.

Disclaimer: We are not medically trained and seeking advice from us does not replace consulting a medical practitioner. If you have any health concerns, please talk to your doctor or nurse.