This is a grass roots collective started by Christine Keller (she/her) and joined by Riley Young for people with periods. We are based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

We are frustrated by commercial, plastic-laden, mainstream period products and want to educate about healthier alternatives. The solutions for period care do not need to be bought, but can be made inexpensively by sewing reusable pads ourselves. We will encourage people to rethink their period management and consider starting their own sewing groups to make pads for their local communities.


What Sew On offers

Sew On wants to provide information to encourage as many people with periods as possible to switch to sustainable period options.

Please be patient with us, we are a new project in its baby shoes.

We do not provide or replace medical advice but want to get you started on your sustainable, stigma free menstruation journey.

Why make the switch?

Protect the environment of Aotearoa
Reduce waste in landfills
Healthier for your body through avoiding toxins in conventional products
Reuse old materials
Minimise plastic use
Save money in the long-term
More durable products
Create personalised products
Limit investment in big corporations

What are the options?

Reusable Period Pads
Silicone Menstrual Cup or Disc
Period Undies
100% Organic Cotton Pads
100% Organic Cotton Tampons